Yamamura International (Thailand)Co., Ltd.

is the distributor for all kinds of packaging products that are used in the food and beverage industries. The products of the company meet universal standards and have good quality which have been accepted widely, for example, plastic bottles, plastic drinking bottles, glass bottles, lug caps, metal caps, aluminum caps, plastic caps, package labels, paper cartons, plastic pallets, stretchable films, plastic food pouches etc.

We will not propose an owned products, but we will select a product from our partner in ASEAN Area. We can supply the Marvelous Kind of a Packaging Materials that customer need. Therefore, our Specification, Quality and Price will satisfy the customer requirement. Moreover, we can supply not only packing materials for foods and drinks such as Glass Bottle and PET Bottle, but also supply Packaging Materials for industry such as Tanks and Plastics Pallets.

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